I have categorised hikes by:

  • area covered eg Winelands, sub-category Mt Rochelle Nature Reserve, sub-sub category Perdekop trail; and
  • type of hike eg day hike

For each sub category I have provided a general information page where there is useful information on the area as well as a link to the individual trails we have done in that area and a map which shows the trails.

  • If you click on a trail on the map it will take you to an individual route page where you can download a .gpx file and in some cases a .kml file. I have also provided, in some instances, more detailed trail information here.
  • In the general information page I have also included a link to my blog of the trail which is along the lines of a personal narrative with photos. There are links between the blog pages and the individual route pages

You can access the areas either by, clicking on an item in the category field or the horizontal menus or by clicking on individual posts shown on this page. You can also make use of the site search facility.

Downloading the maps

In the individual route page you can download a gpx file for the trail. If you want this in kml format to see on Google Earth at present you need to convert it from the gpx file as the kml file button is not currently operational

The file they can be easily converted using on of the following online tools:

  1. http://www.mapsdata.co.uk/online-file-converter/
  2. http://gpx2kml.com/