View along ridge from rocky outcrop above Pearl Valley Golf Estate

The Haweqwas Reserve is a large area overlapping with the Limietberg and the Mt Rochelle Nature Reserve.

General Information


There is an informal access point on the R301 close to the entrance to the Pearl Valley Golf Course. One can pull off the R301 and park by the open gate on the access road to the reservoir. I believe this is private land.

From the gate there are opportunities to hike on old forestry tracks below the mountain ridge as well as along the Ridgeline.

Permits There does not appear to be a requirement to have a permit to hike in this area. There is minimal information on this area on the web

Water We carry the water we need for our hike.

Trail types The paths are generally not maintained but tend to be on disused logging roads built where this area was farmed forestry land. As such  they are easy to follow and tend to be in relatively good condition. Some trails are more rugged than others.

Maps I have usually included a ‘ .GPX ‘ file and a’ .KML ‘ file for any given hike in the associated route link on the map at the bottom of the page which you can download. Please feel free to use this.

Links to the blog pages for each hike

  1. Vaalkop Peak Trail link  – Length 24km, 968m ascent, high point 862m. Note there are many opportunities to extend or shorten this hike when you get up to the saddle accessing the high plateau and ridge
  2. Lower Loop opposite Pearl Valley Trail link Length 12km, 484m ascent, high point 453m.This trail is on good ex-forestry trails. There is an initial climb up to a fairly flat plateau that lies well below the ridgeline. There are several Criss-crossing paths that can be taken once the plateau is reached.
  3. Middagberg camping trip Trail link Length from camping area 15km, 825m ascent, high point 1230m. The hike to the camping area is about 12km with a total ascent of just under 800m. The hike in largely follows the Vaalkop Peak trail.
  4. Klein Drakensteinkop Trail link Length from camping area 8km, 508m ascent, high point 1019m. We used the same area to overnight as for the Middagberg trip. This is the next peak along from Vaalkop Peak in the range running above the R101. Middagberg is the next peak along the range.

Maps of Hikes

Please click on each trail-path to take you to the associated route page where you can obtain more information on the trail, including an elevation profile, and a download of the map.