Palmiet River Estuary

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Palmiet River Estuary

  • Distance 13.42 km
  • Time 3 h 21 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 2 m
  • Peak 28 m
  • Climb 162 m
  • Descent 162 m
January 21, 2018
After completing the Highlands Trail we decided it would be nice to do a flattish hike along the Palmiet River. By staying at Whaler’s Point link to hotel we could step out from the front door, cross the road and find ourselves straight onto the coastal boardwalk. We took this along to the beach by the Palmiet Caravan Park. A nice gentle warm up. The path skirts the beach and Caravan Park, through a recently burnt area (where I expect the wildflowers next spring will be stunning) before heading back to the river estuary. The path is well maintained and easy to walk along with many viewpoints of the river.

Looking down onto the Palmiet River Estuary

As it is prime holiday season many families were enjoying playing in and picnicking by the river adjacent to the R44 bridge crossing. Helpfully there is a large shady car park here! This is a trail head for a number of hikes in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. We crossed the road bridge and shortly afterwards headed left to take a path down the west side of the Palmiet Estuary. We have previously hiked up the Palmiet River which is a better known trail than the one we were on.

Really enjoyed hiking along this trail towards the coast. Plenty to look at, both wild flowers and families enjoying the Lagoon and playing on the beach. There was only a small break in the sandy spit across the lagoon making it a very safe watery playground well away from the strong rip currents on this stretch of coastline. The channel would have been very easy to wade across had we wanted a shorter hike back to Kleinmond

We chose to make our way along a faint coastal path towards Betty’s Bay (which I believe one can walk along the rocky coast line to) looking for a good place to perch for lunch whilst watching the waves. What an ideal way to idle away some time!

Took an inland loop trail up to the access gate to the Water Treatment plant. Really glad we did this as the track was smooth and wide allowing us great views of the Kogelberg Range and we passed some flowering King Proteas which I always take a delight in seeing. On our route back we took a small detour down a path (to mark it) which leads to a secluded picnic area down by the river. Note we did not go all the way down.

Retraced our steps back to our B&B where it was lovely to sit on the balcony and relax with a cup of tea and the afternoon muffins that Sharon so thoughtfully provided. In the evening we walked along the coastal boardwalk to the harbour for dinner, and caught a lovely sunset on our return.

This was a great break by the coast and a place we will come back to explore again. No hesitation about where we will stay on our return. The location is perfect, with great views of the bay, immediate access to the coastal trail paired with top quality accommodation and service.

Postscript About a week later we headed back down to this area as it was a very hot day in Paarl and we decided to have a picnic by the swimming area in the river by the Fairy Glen Car Park. Had a lovely afternoon, found some shade upstream of the bridge and watched a group of youngsters jumping off the rocks and bridge into the river, all having lots of fun as the school holidays come to an end. More pecan pie purchased on our journey back home!