Looking down towards Natures Valley from the end of the Otter Trail

Please see below a map of the locations of the hikes in the Garden Route Category.

  • Hikes are grouped together where they start from broadly the same location and are then shown at the sub-category level (eg the Otter trail).
  • As this is a large area you will need to navigate round the map to see all of the different areas covered (coloured bubbles).

If you click on the location a pop up box appears with the link to more detailed information on that location ie  a public web site for that area and a link to my trail details and maps which are also listed below

go to the TRAIL GROUPINGS BY AREA category  for the specific area you are interested in. Note that as these are multi day trails I have a high level post (for example Otter Trail General Info) and then links to posts for each day within the high level post.

  • go to the specific post for the hike if you have a name for the hike by using the search bar