I have tried to come up with some broad guidelines for classifying trails according to their difficulty.  You should use this classification with caution. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this classification for the following reasons

  • The trails may have changed since I hiked them,
  • You may find them easier or harder than I do, 
  • The conditions of the day will often change the classification that can be assigned to a trail.
  • Other similar reasons

However hopefully you will find this useful as a relative guide for trails within this site.

Extremely Difficult
Trails for very experienced off-trail hikers. Tracks (where present) likely to be very steep, very rough and unmarked with exposure to drops and continual unevenness. Walks may be more than 20km

Off-trail hiking experience highly recommended. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep with loose rock and possible exposure to drops. Normally there are areas where scrambling is required. Directional signage may be limited. There may be other reasons for this categorization eg,  challenging river crossings, climate, backpacking route etc

Moderately Difficult
Mostly uneven surfaces of dirt and larger rocks. Steeper inclines, may involve some scrambling and some exposure. Trails may not be as well defined. Off-trail hiking experience recommended. Longer trails up to 20km

Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some trail hiking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steeper hill sections and a rough surface in places.

No off-trail hiking experience required. Track is mostly smooth and wide with dirt and some unevenness. Gentle hill section(s). Walks under 10km

Paved accessible trail. Paved or hard and smooth surface. No obstacles