Coffee break looking across the dam

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Berg Dam - South Shore

  • Distance 14.58 km
  • Time 4 h 9 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 246 m
  • Peak 359 m
  • Climb 561 m
  • Descent 564 m
July 11, 2019

A couple of Sundays back Mike and I decided to explore a new hike along the south side of the Berg Dam as we thought it would be ideal for the Val de Vie hiking group

We got a good turnout of 11 people, including ourselves, and were blessed with a perfect day for hiking. The Berg Dam was full after all the recent rain we have had, beautiful to see the water coursing down the mountain and the rivers in full spate. One disadvantage was that the trail in parts was quite wet with all the water coming off the slopes and overflowing onto the path.

Although we think that the gate by the start of our hike is now left open, which would allow us to drive a couple of km up the dirt road to a crossing point of the Berg River, we decided to park in the normal place and hike up the road as it is a good warm up.

The trail we take crosses the Berg at a concrete bridge and follows the concrete trail up to a contour path. This is the same as the start of the trail for our MTB loop hike. However, where that trail turns left we continued straight on and walked round the north side of the Dam to a river inlet where we dropped down to the banks of the dam and found some rocks to perch on for an early lunch.  The views across the Dam were outstanding with the surrounding mountains reflected in the calm shallows and mist rising off the Dam Wall in the distance. A perfect spot to sit and reflect and enjoy each other’s company.

Although we could have extended the trail at this point to walk up the river valley, instead we chose to walk back on a lower path close to the water. This had a very different feel from the first section of the hike as we were on a much narrower single track path, rather than the dirt road,  closer to the water and had the odd feeling of being closer to the mountains. Mike and I had previously remarked we could have been in the UK Lake District so beautiful is this spot –  a lake in a bowl of mountains.

Everyone managed the hike very well, even though it was a longer distance than others we have done with this group. However, I think that the trail we were following for the most part is very good and that makes it far less challenging than some of the shorter but rockier hikes we have shown people.

After we finished we stopped off for a beer at Hey Joe’s to end a perfect day. For me the last hike for a few weeks so I was very happy to be out. See below for a compilation of photos from our hike, press play to view.