Mike at the junction with the Protea trail

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Helderberg Reserve - Woody's Walk

  • Distance 9.24 km
  • Time 2 h 18 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 128 m
  • Peak 768 m
  • Climb 800 m
  • Descent 0 m
December 1, 2019
. Time taken: 3 hours 40 min, with stops 4 hours 20 min.

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Well after our gastronomic delights of yesterday we needed to burn off some calories today. 

Several years back we joined the Mountain Club for a hike up West Peak in the Helderberg Reserve. As we were on the doorstep so to speak today we revisited the Reserve. I had a slight groin strain from falling off my bicycle so we agreed not to go up the peak but take Woodie’s Walk which contours below the steep cliffs of the Bute below West Peak.

Start of our hike, West Peak and Dome in the Distance

The initial part of the trail was through large protea bushes on the aptly named Protea Trail. Even though the flowers are coming to the end of the season there were enough still blooming to really enjoy the section. As we climbed higher we moved into an area of wild pincushions and stands of blue willow pea treas.  The flowers on the rest of the hike were truly beautiful, pink gladioli, marsh combflowers, Watsonias, to name but a few. 

At about 750m we reached the turn off for Woody’s Walk and had a really enjoyable hike below the cliffs. Found a section in the shade where we could perch on a ledge to eat our cold chicken / salad and admire the view across to Gordons Bay. The way down appeared steeper than our trail up so I think doing this trail clockwise will be easier.
We eventually came to a wooded gully that joined up with the trail to the Dome and provided us with some lovely shade. This section reminded me of our hiking in Tsitsitkamma. We continued down joining up with the jeep tracks to make the final hike down to the car and a welcome pot of tea and apple crumble cake at the Oak Cafe by the entrance.

What a beautiful hike, made even better because of all the flowers in bloom. Have decided to come back on Sunday and try to get up Helderberg Dome. See below for a compilation of our photos press play to view